Our People

Our workers, at all levels, believe in the core values of the company and this is evidenced through our history of successful projects. We use best in class hiring practices to ensure only the most capable and competent workers are hired for each position. We encourage workers, at all levels, to provide input and collaborate with supervision and management to ensure projects are completed to the highest standards. Our management team has a hands on approach with all workers to promote open communication and foster innovation.

Project Manager

 The Construction/Project Manager is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

Planning / Schedule Lead

 The Senior Turnaround Lead will be the regulator for the schedule and planning implementation throughout the 5 phases of the project. They will complete the schedule optimization as well as initiate all milestone audits of work packages, schedules and manpower loading.

Workface Planner

 The Workface Planner will develop the incomplete scope, as well as develop work packages through input from the Field Scheduler/Trades planner. They are also the owner of completing milestone audit objectives as set from the Senior Planner.

Field Scheduler / Planner

 The Field Scheduler/Trade Planner completes all the field level work involved and compiles the applicable specifications and drawings. They will input field data into specific work orders and schedule tasks. They must maintain open dialogue throughout the execution phase to communicate work progression is being communicated timely and accurately to the Workface Planner and Scheduler. 

Project Controller

  The Project Controller will develop and implement project controls and milestone reporting throughout the project. They will complete project control audits throughout the project for assurance of implementation between the cost controller’s data and with planning and scheduling. 

Cost Controller

 The Project Cost Controller will gather and report on data from both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the Project Controller has precise and direct data to report on. The Cost controller will also work with stakeholders to ensure the clients requirements are communicated and represented throughout the life of the project.

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