Our Success

We believe that our success is solely based on our client’s success and the effective completion of each project. Over the years, we have developed positive relationships with numerous clients by demonstrating our quality of work, superior standards for safety and customer-focused ethic. Trident Contracting is committed to understanding and exceeding expectations through our dedication to work with the client to complete best in industry projects.

Our Difference


We maintain an injury-free safety record by executing all projects with a safety centric focus.


We have a diverse offering of mechanical services to plan, manage, and execute projects.


We acknowledge our greatest asset, our people, originates from strong hiring practices and verifying competency at all levels.


We maintain a high standard in Quality Control to consistently deliver a product in accordance with our customer’s specifications and applicable code.


We work closely with our customers throughout the duration of the project to establish high standards of performance and adapt to any changes requested by the client in a timely manner.


We use state of the art cost tracking and reporting software to keep client’s completely informed throughout the project to ensure we stay on time and on budget.